Do we do training?

We do not do training but if you are interested in a career in Childcare this may be a good place to start looking

What qualifications do I need to work for Early years?

Qualifications are not essential but are desired. Alternatively, experience of working in a child care setting can be sufficient.

Can I work for you if I am a student on a Childcare course?

Yes you can work in school holidays as well as days you are not in college.

Is the work you have temporary and what does that mean?

The majority of work we have is temporary, this can mean anything from an afternoon, day to day cover, weekly placements or an ongoing placement. One of the advantages of working for Early Years Recruitment is that you pick when you are available and where you work!!

Are there any disadvantages?

Not many! We can’t guarantee you work and if you rely on a fixed regular income supply work may not be for you.

How much could I get paid?

That depends on your experience your qualifications and the place you work, you could earn up to £12 per hour but for more details please call.

Do you have work near me?

Call your local branch and discover just how simple it is to get work near where you live.

How much notice do you give me for work?

Well once your fully registered we will give you as much notice as our clients give us, if you’re available for same day bookings we could call you first thing in the morning.

What time can I contact you?

You can contact us via our contact numbers at any time. The vast majority of the time we will answer your call. If we are not available at the time of the call, just leave a message and we will get back to you.


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